In order to be able to run the software you need to activate it. There are two types of activation type available for this product; Trial and Full.

You can buy a full license from our Online Store. Each License can be activated on two computers.

Trial version: is limited and for evaluation purpose only. On first application start up, License Activation page will show up and you can activate 14 days trial.

In trial version you can create a project and check all capabilities of program in action.

Full version: is full featured version of this product. With free updates and support while you have a valid license code.

Once you complete the purchase of a Registered Version, an ‘Activation Key’ will be emailed to you which will activate your computer for a certain time (i.e. Lease) or without time limit (i.e. Perpetual).

·If you have not activated trial version, once you receive the ‘Activation Key’, copy it from your email and enter the key in the License Activation page and click on “Activate” button (you need an Internet connection).

If you have activated trial version, and you want to activate the full version simply open License Manager page.

please enter your ‘Activation Key’ in the textbox, and click on “Activate” button (you need an Internet connection).