About Dartis Foundation

Dartis Foundation

“Dartis Foundation” calculates the bearing capacity of shallow foundations considering shear failure and settlement. Various methods are employed for the determination of shear failure. Elastic, primary and secondary consolidation settlements can be calculated using various options.
Fully detailed reports are also presented that are self-explanatory.

General Features

  • Fine calculations report, including formulas and step_by_step calculations.
  • Supports “SI” units.
  • Introduction of unlimited soil layers.
  • Determination of the bearing capacity of shallow footings with different dimensions considering shear failure and settlement (Elastic, Primary & Secondary Consolidation).
  • Calculation of settlement corresponding to the allowable pressure.
  • Presentation of load-settlement graphs.
  • Saving files with minimal size.

Shear Failure

  • Employment of various methods.
  • Alteration of general the factor of safety.
  • the water table effect is applied.
  • Load eccentricity and inclination can be applied.
  • Plain_Strain correction of friction angle can be applied.
  • Option for calculating cohesion, unit weight, and friction angle of soil based on soil layers.


  • Alteration of allowable settlement.
  • Flexible and rigid footing types are available.
  • Option to ignore elastic settlement when consolidation settlement is calculated.
  • Elastic settlement calculations are performed by 3 methods; Schmertmann (1978) and Theory of elasticity for granular soils and Janbu (1956) for saturated clay.
  • A specified fraction of consolidation settlement will be taken into account by the user’s will.
  • Option to calculate three dimensional effect by Leonards (1974) method for primary consolidation settlement.