USCS & AASHTO Calculator

Dartis Classify is a free USCS & AASHTO calculator.

Easily classify soils by USCS and AASHTO methods according to ASTM D-2487 and export results to Excel. The USCS & AASHTO Calculator allows you to determine the soil group name and symbol from your field data.

Dartis Classify is user friendly and easy to work with.

USCS & AASHTO Calculator _ Start Instructions:

  1. Enter a sample’s data in grey cells of a row.
  2. After completing a row press ENTER on your keyboard. A new row will be created for entering another sample’s data.
  3. Click on ‘Classify samples’. This will classify samples by USCS and AASHTO methods. Also USCS group name is being provided.
  4. To export, click on ‘Export to Excel’. This will open a save dialogue window. Set destination for export and click OK.
soil USCS AASHTO classification freeware