Dartis Classify

Dartis Classify is a soil USCS & AASHTO classification software. Easily classify soils by USCS and AASHTO methods and export results to Excel.

User friendly and easy to work with

Auto recalculation of sample parameters instantly

Capable of exporting to Excel

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How to use Dartis Classify

Using our soil USCS & AASHTO classification software is very easy. Just do it in 3 simple steps.

  1. 1- Buy and Install

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    You can buy Dartis Classify from this website. Download link will be provided to you. Run setup and install Dartis Classify on your personal computer.

  2. 2- Enter sample’s data

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    Enter a sample’s data in grey cells of a row. white cells will be calculated automatically. after completing a row press ENTER on your keyboard. A new row will be created for entering another sample’s data.

  3. 3- Classify and export

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    Click on ‘Classify samples’. This will classify samples by USCS and AASHTO methods. Also USCS group name is being provided. To export, click on ‘Export to Excel’. This will open a save dialogue window. Set destination for export and click OK.

ASTM Standard: D-3282, D-2487

Engineering Classification of Soils (AASHTO, USCS)

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